I wasn't sure whether to post this in GD or lounge, but it is really funny in a sad way.

When I came in this morning, some of my young, female coworkers were discussing the latest story-the Wayne County Prosecutor's office is discussing ways to save money, and that they don't have enough staff to cover the court's docket. The Prosecutor's office is headed by Kym Worthy, who was the assistant prosecutor who took on the cops who killed Malice Green, which means that 20 years ago, the black citizens of Detroit loved her and most white cops in the area hated her.

The County Executive, Robert Ficano, who has been caught up in some scandals of his own in the past couple of years involving airport contracts (the biggest source of corruption in Wayne County government), told Worthy that she should have handled her budget better. I guess one of the proposals to save money is to let burglars walk the first two times they are picked up, and charge them the 3rd time. I'm not sure on that.

The women at work have a theory that the reason Kym Worthy prosecuted Kwame Kilpatrick was because he jilted her. I said "I never heard that one, and she only prosecuted him on the perjury charges that he served a couple of months for a while back. The feds are the ones who got him this time". One woman said "I'll never forgive her for sending that fine-looking man to prison", another said "the only reason she went after him for perjury is because he didn't want her".

I finally said "You got to be kidding me-did you see any of the evidence the feds had on him? Did you see what exactly Kwame was convicted of? He didn't even cooperate with his conditions of probation from the perjury case, and his perjury cost the city $9 million. He's arrogant and a thug."

I like my coworkers, but these are the young ones, not the women my age. I would think that they are putting something in the water, but all of us in the burbs drink the same water.