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"We are turning every stone to get a motive," said Green.

This one is easy, Mr. Green: just flip over that big ass stone that's right in front of you that says "racially motivated". I don't think we need to analyze why black people hate white people we just have to know that they do and be extra vigilant, which means being well armed. I'm not advocating a race war but I am advocating self defense especially when traveling in areas where you stand a higher chance of becoming a target.

Back in my grandfather's day those two punks would already be swinging from a tree down by the river.
From what they said on FoxNews last night, she was walking in a relatively crime free area. The thugs demanded money. She didn't have any with her and they said they'd shoot her baby. They did, the scum.

If it couldn't get any worse for this poor woman, they said she moved from New Jersey, where her older son had been murdered.

This is truly disgusting. Has Obama commented on this? I suspect not, since it was a white baby.