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The issue here is that there is a large portion of the black community that doesn't see a problem here. Remember those scumbags who were at the polling place with night sticks? And how a video of one was unearthed going off about the only way for blacks to have justice is to start "killing cracker babies"? Or Khalid Mohammad, who is a close personal friend of Rep. Keith Ellison, who espoused the same thing? Where is Obama on this because guess what? Here is a black person who purposely killed a white baby. Are these people going to be held personally responsible? Of course not. However, Sara Palin was held personally responsible for Gabby Giffords getting shot.
You are right about the media, which is why this will not get anywhere near the coverage of the Trayvon Martin case. Nor will the Panthers or other racial arsonists be held accountable.
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The Empty Suit will not say anything about this because he can't use this incident to further his agenda of taking guns away from law abiding American citizens. If he can't make political gains with an incident, it means nothing to him.
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Here is one of those black panther scumbags advocating killing white babies. Let's see the media, Fox News included, try to run with this:

Where is Obama on this.
He's not going to weigh in because it doesn't do him any good. The victims and the perps don't advance any leftist narrative. The thugs who had illegally acquired guns are an argument against gun control, since they prove the lack of effect of the laws on the books. The racial component doesn't do him any good either. There will be a great silence on this from the elite media and governing class.
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In my grandfathers day they would have had the benefit of the same trial that the little baby had. Our more modern 'civilized' methods will clothe, feed and house these punks for a few years then release them back into society so that they can kill someone else. (I'll betcha the 15 year old will be released in 2 years or less and that he will commit another violent crime within a year of release.)
The victims didn't have a trial. They were preyed upon by thugs. Lynching the perps doesn't equal justice, it just creates moral equivalence between real justice under the law and gang violence, which is what the left claims it is. The elimination of due process and the law gives them more power to foment chaos. We have to keep the protections of the law.
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Another reason not to let the communists in congress take our AR-15's.

Sic hacer pace, para bellum.
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