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    Quote Originally Posted by Novaheart View Post
    Oh, well. That settles it! How can I argue with that kind of reasoning?
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    The school will settle with him. It's worth the suit to keep the pension-if his work record says he was fired, he doesn't get his pension. The school district will realize quickly that their legal resources are lacking, compared to the NEA's. And, if the teacher is a member of the NEA (or the AFT), the union has to represent him through the grievance process.

    I had a coworker who was initially fired for things that she should have been fired for doing. During the grievance process, the union was able to press the state to let her resign, so she could keep her pension. In this particular situation, the coworker was known for being litigious, so management decided to let her keep her pension since it would probably get tied up in court for years. She's done in public-sector social work, though, but I'll bet Laurie's House to Save Babies in Branson, MO would probably hire her (Jim Bakker's ministry).
    That assumes that he's a member and that the union supports him (the NEA and AFT are just as much a part of the leftist education bureaucracy as the administration). But he will still have to fight for his job, while having no income in a tight market, and with the firing on his record until it is expunged. All for simply opposing the politization of the curriculum. Tell me that won't silence others.

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