Sat Mar 23, 2013, 09:37 AM

DUers, would you use a dedicated area for GOOD NEWS? (w/edit)

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I posed this question in the AtA forum, and Skinner said that if enough people want it, he has no problem creating a new sub-forum.

I know the resistance to creating new forums is that people fear those posts will be relegated to a shadow area and never make it to GD, but I disagree. I love having a go-to place for various specific topics, and STILL BEING ABLE TO POST (or cross post) in GD and other areas when applicable.

I don't see it as one or the other when new forums are created. It gives a way to have more dedicated discussion and attention to a certain subject, but it doesn't mean it can't still be shared in GD. In such a busy forum as GD, too many awesome posts are missed. It's the nature of having a busy community

DU's two main forums are reliably full of posts which keep us informed about the many injustices in the world and issues which require our attention, and we desperately need that!!!

In order to maintain my own sanity, I curate good news every day (as do some other DUers), but we don't want to bombard GD with posts.

Yet it occurred to me that having a sub-forum dedicated to positive, inspiring stories (again, knowing they could be cross-posted when applicable to balance things in GD) would be appreciated by members who get worn down by all the negativity.

As I said, I curate such info daily and post elsewhere, so I could post it daily here at DU in such a forum as well. And others could do the same. Maybe people could even share good news they just experienced or witnessed, not only share existing stories we stumble upon.

Perhaps I could also post more regular Wishadoo/Help a DUer updates in such a sub-forum, so DUers can see how we are DOING GOOD and how we can do even more in different ways. I definitely don't want to bombard the bigger forums with this, but I also know many of you want a more reliable way to stay informed about Wishadoo/DUer things.

Would this interest you? If so, please K&R so we can see the level of interest.

What a moran!!! It is a documented FACT that DUmmies are never happy unless they are miserable!!!
If this forum is created it will be filled with LOCKS and "missing" post...