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I'm glad you posted this because it gives a chance for a serious, reasonable reply.

We're not in a "stupid" war. Whether you think Bush has conducted it wisely is another matter. But there exists a potentially powerful enemy out there that wishes to do our people harm. Those of us who believe the threat needs to be addressed, are not emotional retards. We just believe that we have to go after these threats before they come to us. The passive, defensive posture we took towards coordinated acts of terrorism in the past was proven to be a mistake. I don't care if you think the sun shines out of Clinton's ass, or not, he miscalculated. And please spare me the refrain of how GWB made mistakes as well, because I agree. However, as the radical elements of Islam become more centralized, experienced and unified, it is going to require proactive actions to combat them. It's not emotion, it's not the attitude of an eyelid for an eyelid, it's just reality.

They are serious, and they are resolute. And with today's technology and oil wealth, they have become more coordinated, better equipped and more dangerous. They are not going to stop if we abandon Israel, get out of the middle east, or even if the Palastinians get their own country. They're not even going to stop if we elect a democrat. Their worldview is backward and their blind rage is whipped up by experienced fundamentalists that know how to channel the misery in their lives into hatred for the west.

I understand why the Pakistanis would be angry when accident's like this happen. But this is nothing compared to the innocent men, women and children that have been blown to bits at regular intervals in their country by vacuous monsters who not only are not the least bit sorry, but who celebrate the carnage they cause as well.
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