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  1. #21 Re: Obama compares Israeli-Palestinian conflict to Canada-U.S. disagreements 
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    Quote Originally Posted by Articulate_Ape View Post
    Like the US and Canada? This guy is a retard.
    Exactly. Islamic antisemitism is an integral part of their doctrine. No Muslim state can be at peace with Israel, and Sadat found that out the hard way (he was a secular Ba'athist who violently suppressed the Muslim Brotherhood). Every other Arab leader knows what will happen if they pursue open peace negotiations, which is why even those countries that don't share a border with Israel are in a perpetual state of war. Hamas doesn't care about borders, and negotiations are futile. As long as Gaza is run by an Islamist death cult, this will not change, and Obama's pressure on Israel accomplishes nothing. He simply comes off as another clueless westerner who has been suckered by their propaganda. This is why the Islamists hold him in contempt.

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    Der Fuehrer surely does not get it. How can he be so stupid? There isn't the slightest comparison between Israel and Palestine to America and Canada. If Canada was dropping bombs on us daily, we would wipe them off the map.

    And yes, there is no Palestine ... It is an unrecognizable nation. The people of Palestine are as unwanted as the jews are. But, people seem to feel that Israel is the terrorists? I think not!

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