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  1. #1 Blinded By Arrogance and Tea, Ted Cruz Is The New Sarah Palin 
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    Blinded By Arrogance and Tea, Ted Cruz Is The New Sarah Palin

    Blinded By Arrogance and Tea, Ted Cruz Is The New Sarah Palin

    Wow. In an interview with the Dallas News, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was asked repeatedly what he’s learned. He danced around the question like his feet were on fire, but reporter Todd J. Gillman stuck to it. Finally, Cruz admitted that he was teaching those veteran Republicans a thing or two.

    Sure, he’s only been there for ten weeks, and while he may have picked the wrong battles and there may be very few left who will support legislation he wants to advance (should he ever actually do what he’s actually being paid to do, that is), chances are slim that he’ll get the backers. He’s already left scorched earth behind him and based on this interview, he hasn’t learned a thing yet.

    After Cruz repeatedly ignored the reporter’s question about how he was going to get anything done after burning so many bridges, the Dallas News reporter asked him if he’d learned anything yet, to which Cruz responded that he has learned how defeatist Republicans are (handy that he has learned nothing about his own behavior, but plenty about others): ...


    Full article here:

    The DUmmies have a new villain/whipping boy. It won't last, though. Sarah Palin will give another speech or tweet something that enrages the hive and shoot back up to the top of the "Enemies Of The People" list. The DUmmy link takes you to a severely biased hit piece. Same as it ever was!
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