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  1. #1 Texas School Test Blames U.S. For Terrorism 
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    For the love of God, what is happening in Texas:

    If liberalism takes hold in Texas, there is no hope for this country.
    The Obama Administration: Deny. Deflect. Blame.
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    The Blaze story and the presentation of it on Fox News really jump to that conclusion, there is nothing about 9-11 in the actual question. The answer is literally true, it is just from an objective viewpoint rather than a jingoistic one. All our national policy actions have consequences, some desired, some predictable but undesired, some just unintended. Terrorist organizations' ability to recruit from those suffering from or just pissed off about the latter two types of consequences is a fact of life, not evidence of madness or irrational hatred of Americans, so the circled answer is literally true.

    We do things. The people they help like them, the people they hurt don't like them. The former group will remain our 'Friends' about thirty seconds beyond the point we stop helping them, the latter group aren't going to just lay back and take it without trying to get back at us however they can, sooner or later.
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    I came to Texas as soon as I could
    Just like a great many of these type stories. Until you see the real questions, you have no idea if the complaint is valid or not. I have long since cast near all such into a bin called "Show Me" and moved on to the next article.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol
    When I judge someone's integrity one key thing I look at is - How does s/he treat people s/he doesn't agree with or does not like?
    I can respect someone who I do not agree with, but I have NO respect for someone who puts others down in a public forum. That is the hallmark of someone who has no integrity, and cannot be trusted.
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