I am not one of those Wil Wheaton fanboys. I think he’s great and all, but I wasn’t into any of the Star Trek television series, and a place like Comic-Con or Mega-Con or Nerd-Con or Neckbeard-Con is as close to my idea of hell as you can get. Wil Wheaton to me is still Gordie from Stand by Me, a movie I taped off of television and watched every day on a crappy VCR after school for something like 3 months in the 90s. I don’t have a particularly strong sense of affection for Wheaton, though: He seems like a nice guy, and he’s been great for nerd culture, his appearances on Big Bang Theory notwithstanding.

But last night, I was sitting in my car about to go into pub trivia and checking Facebook on my phone, when I ran across a story that many of you have may have also seen on your Facebook walls. I’m not sure what compelled me to read it, but five minutes later, my heart may have swollen 3 sizes and there was definitely something in my eye.
Well worth reading the rest at the link. Only about 2 more paragraphs!

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,,and what did he do for them after that? Hm? He's all hearts and flowers and rainbows and unicorns...but did he ACTUALLY DO anything? Nope.

The Hollyweirdos just like to 'seem like good people"...ugh...

This weekend, I met dozens of people who told me that they were scientists, engineers, doctors, or programmers because they were inspired by Wesley Crusher
..I think I am going to go throw up....