By LUKE FUNK, Senior Web Producer -

There are reports out of northern Europe that more than 500 people were adrift on two ice floes that broke away and began drifting away from the coast of Latvia.

Among the stranded were families with women and children but most of the stranded were ice fishermen.

Rescue operations were underway and many of the people had been rescued.

One of the blocks of ice was off of the Vakarbulli coast and the other drifted into the Gulf of Riga near Majori. One of the floes had reportedly floated 4 kilometers from shore.

Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks, who is overseeing the rescues, told the Voice of Russia that the Navy and helicopters have been dispatched.

High winds and rough seas were complicating rescue efforts.
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Olive skinned Latvians floating on ice cubes, there is a joke in there somewhere?