By Susan Candiotti. Ross Levitt and Ed Lavandera, CNN
updated 12:04 PM EDT, Sun March 31, 2013
Tulsa, Oklahoma (CNN) -- They'd gone to W. Scott Harrington's dentist office in a Tulsa, Oklahoma, suburb to have a wisdom tooth pulled or perhaps have their jaw realigned.

On Saturday, scores of his patients were waiting to be checked once again -- this time not to replace missing teeth, say, but to find out whether they'd been exposed to hepatitis or HIV.

By 3 p.m. local time Saturday, one hour later than planned, some 420 people -- out of 7,000 of Harrington's patients from the past six years who health authorities reached out to -- had been screened for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV at the Tulsa Health Department. They came after investigators discovered unsanitary, unprofessional conditions at Harrington's office in Owasso, 14 miles northeast of Tulsa, that one official said created a "perfect storm" for infections.

Within two weeks, those tested Saturday (and when the screenings resume starting Monday) should get the results back -- all because they'd gone to see an oral surgeon with 35 years of experience.
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It will really surprise me if they find a case related to this dentist, he didn't go by the book cleaning his instruments.
What strikes me as odd is that people with these infections roam freely among us, rubbing shoulders with us in malls, sneezing in public, eating from the same open salad bars yet some how that is not a major danger yet this doctors office that didn't go by the book cleaning the office is being treated like a terrorists biological weapons attack.
Is this really ultra contagious or isn't it? Is a person contaminated this way safe with me rubbing against me in a crowd but not in a medical office, they don't reuse syringes or anything that comes in contact with blood anymore, it is all disposable and not cleaned.