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    She is just mad no man would ever penatrate her.

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    The bottom line of the debate about rape.

    Reality is...

    All men ARE potential rapists.


    Because males have a penis that hardens to the point it can penetrate orifices, it's biological fact.. No matter what a man says about himself,how trustworthy he is,or he would never DO that..regardless of all of this..he has a penis.

    A penis can be used as a WEAPON. Any man that has a functioning penis potentally can decide in his own mind to use that penis as a weapon.Why?
    Because biologically he CAN.
    Biologically any man can potentially be a rapist to anyone with an orifice that is penetrable.

    If a person has been assaulted by a penis/weapon because a male decided to use it as a weapon on a victim he chose to rape ,the victim they are scarred,for life .The traumatic scarring causes survivors to become hyper vilagent to avoid another assault.

    Why? because rape traumatizes people.A symptom of trauma is hypervilagence and it is a physical and psychological reaction to being traumatized..Survivors want to warn others so others are not victimized. The motive to educate others about rape comes from compassion and desire to heal in the survivor.

    If a man does not use his penis today as a weapon to invade another's orifice then today he's NOT a rapist..

    Mind reading does not exist in real life. So any potential person possessing an orifice that can be penetrated by a penis/weapon is a potential rape victim.Males and Females both can become rape victims.

    Rape is always a CHOICE,a choice to use a penis as a weapon to destroy another person and soothe the ego through a power trip,because rape traumatizes and destroys a person..

    So if you have a penis you are male,so all men by default biologically carry a weapon.

    Rape is a CHOICE made in the mind of a penis owner to use that penis as a weapon and truth is no one can read minds.

    Being unable to read another persons mind means we can never know exactly what they are thinking,or deciding.

    So All men who have minds that cannot be read as accurately clearly and perfectly as their own mind by another person's mind, and a penis that can get hard enough to penetrate another's' orifices,could potentially be a rapist should he choose to be a rapist.

    Rape because of biology is a choice that only Males can make.

    And no one can read his mind to know if he is choosing to rape or not with 100% certainty.

    That is reality.

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