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That's certainly the MSW mantra, however it oversimplifies reality by omitting that there is indeed an element of sexual gratification to it for the perp, and the fact that both dominance and submission are involved in some non-pathological level in a vast number of normal, consensual sexual relationships. It's a great social tool for validating victims and marking perps for shaming and casting-out, but it's an incomplete paradigm of reality.

That's for the therapists in prison who claim they can treat sex offenders to worry about.

If the average man sees a pretty woman in a revealing dress, he might find that attractive and desire to have sex with her. Desiring sex is normal. Forcing sex on an unwilling victim is not normal.

But taking lust out of the criminal picture is necessary to ensure proper consequences. Jerry Sandusky may have lusted after little boys, but it's the fact that he forced them to have sex with him that made him the criminal, not his thoughts. The same thing applies to any rapist, whether it's a straight man, gay man, pedophile or crazy-ass woman with a vibrator.