UP is on a roll...

Thu Apr 4, 2013, 04:47 AM

I'm afraid of the world..

greedy corporations and arrogant leaders are bullies to most countries,I wish the american people would stop going along with the bullying corrupt and evil leaders and corporations,and let the CEO and politician face the consequences of their actions and decisions,personally.In other words the world hates us,and I hope these other countries are more with it than many americans are,and can separate the citizen from the monsters at the reigns of power,crime and profit in this country.

Yes in so many ways citizens are little Eichmann's,but at some point you have to get over it and stop going along, it has gotten so bad,so hard to organize others, in this fake atomized programmed engineered 'reality', that overlays an overwhelming tragic reality that is painful to look at we all co-created, so many have become stressed,mentally ill,sick, unable to live,unable to fight or don't know who the real enemies to their happiness are anymore ,overwhelmed,too obedient to authority,anxious,traumatized,too scared, unable to deal with the actual sad reality of what our lives have become because of the 1% that desire we live as we do.

Why so much misery,desolation,desperation,social awkwardness,isolation,abuse,escapism,addiction,sil ence and anxiety? Why do so many people in this country kill others or commit suicide? It's not because guns are all over the place,really.What is happening to the human heart,the soul the mind and body,the society we live within. WHY?


I could not bring the whole thing over, she/it really needs help.