Ahhh...sure they are.

Thu Apr 4, 2013, 11:55 AM

Aryan Nation, White Supremacists, KKK, Et Al Are The GOP Base

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We must remember that hate groups are an important part of the GOP base. Even though the officials we lost were white, the racial hatred and race baiting over the years that the GOP has pursued as a southern strategy has allowed these groups to be born an remain in existence. The racial slurs and rhetoric that has been aimed at Obama since he won has provided lush growing ground for these organizations. When these state and local officials tried to address the Aryan nation problem, they were targeted just like Alan Berg was years ago. The fact that we see law enforcement being intimidated reveals that the country has serious problem that is domestic.

So the GOP and its minions have helped create the monsters that murdered these officials. Their families and the pizza delivery man are just collateral damage.

Texas is a solidly GOP state where there is a lot of poverty in the white communities as well, where the gangs have gained a lot of influence. In many rural areas a drug trade proliferates because that tis the only way to make money. Somehow McJobs paying poverty wages are not enough to support anyone.

In a way the politicians in Texas have brought the problem on themselves because they still foment hateful racism and bigotry in their own state. Not a day goes by when some GOP politician says something vile and racist publicly to his or hers agreeable audience.

We have a white supremacist terrorist problem that the GOP and its conservative allies are determined to ignore as long as once of theirs" is not gunned down or intimidated. Somehow their support of the NRA is hypocritical in their support of arming everyone possible. They would change their tune if conservatives were victims. As long as the other side suffers casualties for their malfeasance they do not care.

Now we all have a problem because Aryan nations and KKK type organizations are growing. And that fact is as much a threat to the nation as foreign terrorism is. Could there be more McVeigh's in the wings? You have to wonder why Colorado killer had bomb material in Texas. What was he up to and who would have been the target.