Thu Apr 4, 2013, 03:18 PM

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I freaked out today

Trauma issues got to me,and I got triggered,got flashbacks and lost it.I hate PTSD and Dissociastive identity ,it just hurts.
Why is it abusers get away with so much? They destroy a person's soul,then everyone else makes believe it wasen't what it was or,minimizes it,excuses the perp and blames the victim. I'm in psych treatment,a day program to cope with all the damage done.

I hated flipping out today I feel bad about it,when my own mind abuses itself.

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Now I got people trying to defame me now because I put up a post that declared all men are potential rapists,and it was removed, because people didn't bother to understand where I was coming from,then someone PM's me asking me to repost it..a banned post like that won't get me in trouble,..the denial crowd came and the hostile ones the ones that make light of rape and point out the female rapist.. why,why can't people see that a choice a potential victim cannot predict or know with any certainty is all that stands between a nice guy and a rapist. people lie,manipulate,and some don't care who gets hurt. some men are compassionate. but that potential remains.

Why is that rape is always a huge mean debate?

But I stand by my words,even though people don't like hearing it.Especially men.

Sometimes the world is just unbearable