And a spelling strike!!! nadin of course...

Fri Apr 5, 2013, 05:05 PM

hunger strike

Started today in front if the Hilton in Mission Valley. I need to go back later and write the first of a series of stories for blog/ op news.

Here is a stat that might blow all thinking of we are a middle class counyry. (Hmmm, counyry???)

San Diego Unified has 130,000 students. Two thirds qualify for the enhanced school lunch program. This means breakfast and lunch at school . Their parents are low wage earners. Got this from a school bosrd member (A bosrd member???)

This is just to wet your appetite

Now tell me DU'ers, this is a large urban area in California. Do you see any issues?

And i might have to write for the blog two veraions of it. One in english, the other in Spanish

Man, I see some issues!!! For a supposed nuclear engineer and cub reporter, she might want to learn to spell
or maybe get a gooder speal cheker... She makes Pitt looker gooder!!!