I saw this article today and I was steamed. The fact that the AC Press would run such drivel is beyond the pale. I've never seen such a racially charges piece of shit in a reputable newspaper in all my life. These 2 idiots say that white men are the only one's who've done "mass murders". Guess these idiots never heard of Robert Mugabe or Edi Amin. And I suppose all of those shooting deaths in Chicago, LA, DC, Detroit are all done by white men. And to think Obama was suppose to bring the races together but instead he gives assholes like this the balls to write crap like this. Here's the link: http://articles.philly.com/2013-04-0...gs-gun-control

And since they believe this, I'm allowed to believe this. If white men are prone to mass shootings then black men are prone to rapes, murders, theft, impregnating women out of wedlock, being dead beat dads, drugs, stupidity, being high school drop outs, going to prison, shall I go on or is the point made?