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I'm not entirely sure.

Doing it in Berlin and Paris puts them in no real danger but I do give them credit for protesting right in front of the mosques, especially Berlin's oldest mosque.
But it was still in a European capital, surrounded by European police who would do whatever they had to in order to prevent them from getting their asses kicked by jihadis. The ones who have guts are the women in Islamic countries who protest this stuff under threat of death from their own families. Still, this is a step in the right direction. Now, if only US feminists would just realize that there are worse things happening to women than having to pay for birth control.

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These were from April but check it out...the chick is railing against everything Akbar here believes in but he still can't take his eyes off the boobies. LMAO.
Well, he'd probably never seen breasts before...

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And at least one muzzie was pissed:

A man kicks a topless Femen activist, as she raises her fist to protest against Islamists in front of the Great Mosque of Paris.
And moments after the picture was taken, that guy was probably arrested for assault. If that had been Cairo, he'd have had a mob behind him and she'd have been raped or killed, or both.

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They weren't sexual boobies Rock, they were political boobies ...but I see where you're coming from.
I thought that political boobies had DU names.