What a fucking whine-O-rama...

Sat Apr 6, 2013, 09:25 AM

"I live on $710.00 a month, what exactly am I supposed to cut?"

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I live on $710.00 a month, what exactly am I supposed to cut?
by Horace Boothroyd III

My rent is a reasonable $209.00 because I have a HUD Cube. For how long?, who knows?

That leaves me with $501.00

Phone $35.00 a month.

That leaves me with $466.00

Internet is $45.00 dollars a month.

That leaves me with $421.00

My medication is $50.00 a month, counting bare bones OTC care too.

That leaves me with $371.00

Pootie care is another $50.00 a month-not including vet and tag costs.

That leaves me with $321.00

I had to borrow $140.00 last month because the vet bill the previous month left me behind.

That leaves me with $181.00

With that I'm expected to feed myself for a month. But also maintain grooming standards with products for me because of my skin sensitivities and allergies are extremely expensive. I make what I can to avoid allergens and to reduce costs but there are many things I can't make. Toothbrushes, toilet paper, trash bags, many cleaning products. I try to get clothes from the discount store, or thrift stores. Shoes too, I should be getting special ones but I lack the fortitude to break the HMO bureaucratic maze to get them. But shoes are a large recurring expense for me because I do walk so much.

I also have learned to cook everything I eat from scratch. Again because of finances and allergies. But food is not inexpensive. I can drink the generic coffee at $12.00 a can and I can buy bulk size foods at the restaurant supply. But by the end of the first week it is usually doubtful I will have more than one hundred dollars left.

Today after getting all things covered, with the exception of some food stuffs I'm just going to have to go without.

I have a grand total of $18.00.

No worries. I get to start all over again on the first.

But what exactly am I being wasteful with?

And more importantly after thirty years of 'compassionate' conservatism don't you think it is time for some Humanism instead?

I'm sure dear kpete will be contacting KOS to find where she can donate money to help...
Or better yet...invite poor Horace to move in with her.