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What? Spend ANOTHER $35 of taxpayer money???? Think man.....THINK!

I just saved about 12% of he/she/its monthly income.... and you want them to squander another 5%????

It's exactly this kind of thinking that has gotten us to this point... Da net and da pet, gotta go...
Well, no, I don't really want him to squander even more taxpayer money (I'm guessing the $710/month he gets is welfare anyway). I was just looking at "things it's possible to cut out." Phone is one of them. You don't actually have to have a phone, despite what people claim. I lived for years without a phone and got on just fine. Got jobs and everything. I didn't have phone service here for more than two weeks because of some mix-up at Comcast and I didn't even notice, nor did anyone else.

Beyond that, AT&T home phone service starts at $9/month in Portland, including unlimited local calling. If he's actually looking for a job (the sole basis for the claim that people "need" telephones, outside of 911, which is covered on every single phone in the country now, whether it has service or not), this is way cheaper than $35.