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Ultimately the best reason to avoid making such a comment is because the conversation will be diverted from the issue at hand to one of terminology and sensitivity. But since the train has jumped the track, I will once again point out that no matter how many times the claim is made, racism or the complaint against a racial minority is not really or simply about the color of a person's skin. The physical features are the outward sign of tribe, and tribe is generated by endogamy within a culture. Ergo, the behaviors associated with people with black skin are not due to the black skin; both the skin and the behavior are generated by the tribe which produces them.

Of course it's not accurate to lump all persons with black skin together anymore than it is to lump the Irish in with Turks or southern lowland Americans in with southern mountain Americans. And we know that Americans don't universally do this. There have been studies that show that Americans react quite differently to negroes with British, French, or African accents than we do to American negroes who speak in urban dialect.

Very few people are going to meet a black man in the military (other than Allen West) and think, "There goes a nword." Especially if he's an officer. Now you and I both know that there are indeed some deserving black people in the military who inspire almost anyone who knows them to think, "There goes an nword.", but not categorically.
I agree with this statement but I need to add that while not all blacks are animals(I work with several who I look at not only as colleagues or even friends but who I would walk through fire with without them needing to ask), it appears that close to a majority are as I pointed out in the % of blacks incarcerated and those are the one's who got caught.