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She never wore one (at least not in any of those movies - never showed her navel)
Her joke was "I don't have one".

She was 1 year younger than me but suffered so much worse.
Actually, there were three movies where she not only wore a bikini (defined as two separate pieces) but actually showed her navel...
When she was cast in her first beach movie, Walt Disney requested that she only wear modest bathing suits and keep her navel covered. However, she wore a pink two-piece in Beach Party, a white two-piece fishnet suit in the second film (Muscle Beach Party) and a blue and white bikini in the third (Bikini Beach). All three swimsuits bared her navel, particularly in Bikini Beach, where it is visible extensively during close up shots in a sequence early in the film when she meets Frankie Avalon's "Potato Bug" character outside his tent
What we consider bikinis now are not the original bikini which was extremely modest by today's standards as the original bikini did not show the navel.