This comes from an immigrant Italian aunt of a friend from another board. I'm sure Retread remembers BD, the master chef.

Ingredient quantities are loose and goosey and depend on individual taste which truly makes it an individual creation. When it's done, the prominent colors should be the Italian national colors of red (tomatoes), white (pasta), and green (spinach).

3 turkey wings/drumsticks or chicken breast
Bring to a boil in a large pot to make the broth
When it falls off the bone, pick the meat and return to the broth
Drain 1 large can diced tomatoes and add to the broth
Add 1 bag fresh spinach to broth (frozen chopped can be used)

1Ĺ to 2 lbs ground chuck
Diced onion or green onion or chives or any combination
3 to 4 eggs
Parmesan cheese

Form meatballs to about marble size
Briefly fry to get rid of the grease
Add to broth

About Ĺ package of pastini (or any tiny Italian pasta) cooked al dente before adding to the broth. Even the pre-cooked pasta will absorb the broth, watch it and add canned chicken broth as needed.