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    Quote Originally Posted by linda22003 View Post
    Capping it at 3M - or at all - is ridiculous; it's hard enough to get people to save for the future, as it is. And with the usual governmental brilliance, they wouldn't index it to inflation, and we'd end up with another AMT situation. Not that I think this proposal is going anywhere. :)

    All this is going to do is make people not want to put money in 401k's or other retirement accounts. The only thing I am thankful for is that I don't do 401k or other retirement accounts. I do my own accounts, and investments at which I am very happy with. I don't need the government telling me what I can and can not invest in, and also putting a cap on me.. I make what I want, and they aren't going to stop me. Capitalism is a wonderful thing, and this Socialist in Chief shows his contempt for it everyday .

    Quote Originally Posted by txradioguy View Post
    He already has with certain Wall Street CEO's as part of their bailout deals.
    I did not know that. Well, then they started. Who will be next?

    I love my God, my country, my flag, and my troops ....
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    Just in case one of the resident Libtards wants to call bullshit:
    In Memory Of My Friend 1st Sgt. Tim Millsap A Co, 70th Eng. Bn. 3rd Bde 1st AD...K.I.A. 25 April 2005

    Liberalism Is The Philosophy Of The Stupid

    To Achieve Ordered Liberty You Must Have Moral Order As Well

    The libs/dems of today are the Quislings of former years. The cowards who would vote a fraud into office in exchange for handouts from the devil.
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