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    Quote Originally Posted by Articulate_Ape View Post
    I hear a whole lot of "I"s when this MichelleB talks. I didn't think this was all about her.
    On DU? You jest, sir!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LukeEDay View Post
    I would like to know this:

    1) How old is the father?
    2) Was this an issue of molestation?
    3) Was this an issue of rape?
    4) Why is she sexually active at 12?
    5) Where did she learn to that at 12?
    6) Why is she still with her parents and not in foster care?

    There is no way that a 12-year-old girl had sex and got pregnant without being coerced by someone. I am thinking if this is true, then the father is either A) her father, or another male family member; or B) a 15-year or older boy who raped her .. At which point any of them who did this should be put in jail ..

    Of course it could also be C) The op is completely full of crap ..

    Nothing is that easy to pin down. There are 12 year old girls who are having what they consider consensual sex with peers.

    The problem is that the 12 year old thinks it's okay to have sex at her age. Someone older did teach her that, even if her pregnancy is the result of a voluntary relationship with a same-aged peer. A matter of fact, one of the common behaviors of a girl who has been or is being sexually abused is promiscuity with peers at school. The promiscuity is frequently what the parents see first-then they tend not to believe the abuse allegations when she does tell them.

    Dealing with things like this is what I do for a living.
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