By Daryl Nelson
Most likely, it won’t sway beef lovers to make a switch but the traditional hamburger has some pretty stiff competition these days, especially with more and more veggie and turkey burgers showing up on menus.

And although chicken sandwiches have been next to hamburgers on fast-food menus for quite some time, even they’re getting some newfound love and rivaling burgers in both sales and consumer interest.

In some places, chicken sandwiches are even doing more than just rivaling burgers, as data has been gathered by the research firm Mintel and released by the site that shows chicken sandwiches are replacing beef hamburgers as the best sellers in a lot of fast-food places.

Researchers point to the sandwich shift taking place around 2010, when lean boneless beef costs were up by 32%, which of course pushed stores to buy other products besides traditional burgers.

And the survey shows other reasons for the change.

A couple of years back, McDonald’s released its Zesty BBQ Cruncher and gave consumers the option to make it a beef or chicken burger, which was a telling sign of just how popular fried and grilled chicken sandwiches were becoming and how confident restaurants were that they could move them.

And if you’ll notice, there seems to be a new chicken sandwich being released every week, either in some newly-shaped bun or in a wrap, and according to Mintel, chicken sandwiches and other chicken selections, like those strange-looking McDonald’s Chicken McBites, are on more menus in fast-food places than burgers these days, so it seems the tides have officially changed.
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