Senate Democrats have reportedly blocked a proposed resolution to honor former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, with Republicans blasting their opponents for failing to show respect.

A Capitol Hill source claims that the tribute was supposed to pass on Wednesday night but was placed on hold by Democrats, according to a blog by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative American think tank.

The House of Representatives already passed a resolution in honor of the late Conservative politician, who died on Monday in London at age 87.

'To refuse to honor a woman of such great historical and political significance, who was deeply loyal to the United States, is petty and shameful,' Katherine Rosario, Communications Deputy for Heritage Action wrote in her post reporting the Senate debacle.

'One truly has to wonder, what is it about Lady Thatcher that gives them pause? Her unfaltering commitment to freedom? Or perhaps the way she fought for individual liberty and limited government?'

In response to the Senate's alleged failure to pass the resolution, a House GOP aide told the MailOnline, 'Wow, we knew Senate Democrats couldn't pass budgets, but it’s pretty amazing that they can’t pass a resolution to honor the late Margaret Thatcher.'

In the lower chamber of Congress, Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Virginia) presented a resolution on Tuesday to honor Thatcher, hailing the late leader for her 'life-long commitment to advancing freedom, liberty, and democracy and for her friendship to the United States.'

The House, which is Republican controlled, passed H. Res. 141 on Tuesday night by unanimous consent.