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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey View Post

    here are photos of two suspects
    A lot of those pictures seem to be contradictory. Man wearing black ball cap standing with a guy wearing no hat. Then another pic of a guy wearing a white ball cap and same man with no pack.

    Take this one:

    They're point to a bag being held by a totally different guy. Hell, is everyone carrying a bag? And is every one of them holding a bomb? It's the Boston Marathon, a long day. My guess there were a lot of bags in the crowd. The only one that sticks out is this one:

    Note how the bag sticks out and seems to have some weight to it.

    This link seems to be making a whole lot of projections. People seemed to not be paying attention to the race? It's a 2-3 hour race. Not exactly like watching a hockey game and speaking of which, I've seen plenty of people not paying attention at a hockey game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linda22003 View Post
    But I wouldn't be. I have no preconceptions about who it might be, and anything seems possible. I just want real information, and I want the right people to be apprehended and justice to be done. For some reason, that has been a controversial position on this board in the last day or so.
    You don't, but the OP has already decided who they think it is. They've met the enemy, and it's us.
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    Very amusingly, they're just flogging the hell out of this one.

    OP from Monday:
    ChoppinBroccoli (2,111 posts)

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    If This Doesn't Scream "Teabagger Group," I Don't Know What Does

    1. It was done on April 15th. Tax Day. Who hates taxes more than anyone?

    2. It was done in Boston, where the original Boston TEA PARTY occurred.

    I'd be willing to bet you a shiny new dime that this is some far-right-wing, White (likely White Supremacist), Teabagger Militia group. I know that all the right-wingers in this country are just PRAYING that it's some Muslim terrorist group so they can blame Obama for being soft on terrorism, but the fact of the matter is that this whole situation just SCREAMS American far-right extremists.
    This one from today is particularly funny:
    dems_rightnow (1,875 posts)

    65. Karl Rove now in custody

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    Great call.
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