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Low stats on various negative indicators can just be luck of the draw, but I've also seen officers who've been able to impact those numbers positively, usually through common sense. For example, my PT program for the Group staff consisted of informing everyone that I considered them professionals who would make weight and meet the standard, and that as long as everybody did so, then there would not be group PT, but if one person failed either, then we would all do PT as a group until everbody passed, and I guaranteed the highest suck factor that I could impose in that case. The first APFT that followed had a 100% pass rate among the staff for PT and height/weight. Nobody wanted to be the one guy who caused the rest of the HHC to have to fall out for PT.
PT success is something I don't think is stupid at all, since it's actually relevant to combat readiness. On the other hand, how many MP/Local-cop domestic calls your Soldiers had (For instance) may be due to sterling leadership for a low number, but it usually has a whole lot more to do with just how many dickheads you might chance to have assigned, and what variety of crazy person they chose to marry or live with.