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  1. #1 Oops! Unintentional Ad Choice Makes Mad Magazine Style Goof With Politicos. 
    Going to the dogs: How Nature magazine featured Obama and McCain ... with an unfortunate ad on the back

    By Mail Foreign Service
    Last updated at 5:14 PM on 26th September 2008

    Has the American presidential campaign gone to the dogs?

    One could be forgiven for thinking so after seeing the latest issue of Nature magazine.

    The world's leading scientific journal has featured a powerful image of John McCain and Barack Obama on its front cover. The pair radiate statesmanlike-authority, the image is suitably sombre for the weighty interview inside.

    Then, however, you see the back cover.

    Unfortunate: The latest issue of Nature ... front and back

    In an unfortunate choice, advertisers placed there an image of two labrador pups - one black, one golden, in an uncanny mirror image of the grave image on the front.
    You may discuss the spit-out-your-beer humor of this but not the politcal implacations. Unless I have another glass of wine. :p

    Daily Mail
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    They forgot to put the Flag pin on the left hand dog.
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