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  1. #1 Nadin hoping for traffic accidents in San Diego today while waiting for wild fires! 
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    Just in case you forgot, Nadin is not only a terrorism expert, but is also the most respected authority on Southern California wild fires!

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    In the meantime...listening to my FD traffic

    We are still under a red flag danger is presumed to be hi...

    And I hope I get a long day of traffic collisions, and medical's still windy out there.

    Given this week...Oy
    Of course, some local guy spoils all the fun:

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    1. Please don't hope too hard.

    It's Friday I would prefer to not spend any time stuck on a freeway.

    I know you want a story, but hoping for car crashes and hurt people is a little much doncha think?
    Somewhere, I see grilled parrot on the menu....
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