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    The Truth about Common Core
    All students will be required to pass the tests devised by these radicals—even those in private schools or home-schooled.

    I just heard another Republican politico, a state senator here in Georgia, at a meeting, claim that Common Core is not a federalized education curriculum, but a “state-led” education reform initiative.

    He could have been reading from a press release sent by the Obama Department of Education.

    In reality, Common Core was attached to millions of dollars in stimulus funds that were dangled by the feds before the states in a contest called “Race to the Top” during the 2009 economic crisis. The attached Common Core standards were not even written when states signed up. Writing the standards and attached tests are education “experts” whose philosophies align with Weatherman/terrorist-turned-education professor Bill Ayers. Ayers’ close colleague, Linda Darling-Hammond, was head of the education transition team during the 2008 campaign. Now she is overseeing the development of national tests.

    This initiative was waiting in the wings, already lined up by Hillary Clinton before Bill Clinton even took office (thanks to the largesse of the Gates Foundation and others). The Gates Foundation has poured tens of millions of dollars into education efforts here in Georgia (as they have in other states). But we are simply to believe the talking point that proponents of Common Core have put out about this being an effort to raise and align standards, so children going from state to state can be assured of keeping up with their peers in other states.

    I took the opportunity at this meeting to hand out copies of my report for Accuracy in Media, Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama’s Federal School Curriculum. Many of the people in the room were concerned about education and probably did not know that the misleadingly named Common Core offers disguised opportunities to advance an anti-American agenda through literature, and even math; and it dumbs down standards.

    Few people have actually looked at the Common Core compliant curriculum materials being developed and sold. Typical are adaptations of popular adult nonfiction books like Fast Food Nation, the socialist tract, Nickel and Dimed, and books about teen idol Justin Bieber. These are the “informational texts” that will take the place of literary works, as time allocated for traditional literature is reduced to 50 percent and then to 30 percent in high school. >>>

    Well, consider that Obama and Ayers worked closely together on education initiatives for at least seven years as board members of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. >>>

    Consider also that Ayers was a keynote speaker at a conference with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Under Secretary of Education Martha Kanter, along with a representative from Achieve, Inc., who made a presentation on Common Core. Achieve is the Washington, D.C., contractor that is acting essentially as the project manager for the nationalized education curriculum.

    Pure coincidence? As Stanley Kurtz points out, the Obama administration has denied any involvement with Ayers, even claiming that his name on released White House visitor roles belonged to another person with the same name.

    But this fact, along with Ayers’ and Obama’s history together, a look at the writings about education, and sample lesson plans, indicates that Common Core is about anything but raising standards or a state-led effort.

    Read my Accuracy in Media report here.


    Another good read

    Someone once said, "Judge a tree by its fruit", but this wisdom is no longer tolerated lest we "offend" someone.
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    Bill Ayers? One more reason to hate Common Core.

    More on this:

    Diane Ravtich's Common Core Blogs

    Common Core, Data Sharing and your child Crucial reading for all parents!

    The Master Plan for Obama Education Reforms

    Hoosiers against Common Core Good info here.


    A Conservative Teacher Blogspot

    "As a public school teacher, every day I observe the continual battle between those who believe in life, liberty, and the protection of property and those who do not. This is my story."

    ...Conservative patriots and radical republicans should always seek to try to decentralize power as much as possible. By putting more hands in the people and by pushing decisions to the local level, decision makers can see the real life effects of their decisions and realize the true cost of their decisions, bringing more humanity to our republic. The Standards that are being developed are coming out of a distant central bureaucracy (National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers), likely packed with lots of 'educational experts' like Bill Ayers, and received little to no input from any teachers. These elitist efforts to attack federalism and centralize power with distant experts is to be opposed in almost all its forms.

    Although the adoption of these national standards developed by elites who wish to govern us better was supposedly a 'voluntary' process, in reality the states were coerced into accepting the heavy yoke of control by the Obama administration, bribed with slush fund money (the RTTT money comes from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, a trillion dollar fund that has enabled Obama to grant money to whatever he wants with few stipulations and little oversight). States that agreed to give up control over setting standards for their citizens as they are constitutionally tasked to do and instead let an 'expert organization' jam standards down on them received bonus points in their applications for 'grants' that the Obama administration awarded to states where he needed to reward friends or win in 2012. This corrupt and opaque process should not be supported by any good patriot or citizen.

    The movement to put in place more controls on teachers and make us all march to the beat of the same drummer (Obama, or at least his chosen elite allies) should be opposed by anyone who cherishes individualism. Individuals, individual school districts, and individual states should be free to experiment with standards and policies as they see fit, learning which standards are the best for their citizens and implementing them in ways that they desire. I shudder to think of the power that we citizens and patriots are transferring to unelected or elected officials, who sit down in small groups composed of unknown people in unopen meetings to produce 'standards' that we must all follow. This process is as undemocratic as any process I have ever heard of, and should be opposed by all liberty loving democrats as well as republicans...
    (This teacher's blog also has a great post on whether evangelicals are now more scorned than homosexuals. Interesting reading.
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    Oh, and just for you Janice:

    This woman knows what she's talking about in American education, and what she knows will blow your mind:

    The Death of Free Will
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