From an interesting book on homeschooling, "Homeschooling Odyssey", pp. 64-65

"...I was surprised that sex was taught to first graders . Where
was the need? Whatever happened to the latency period, formerly
valued by psychologists as an important building block
on the road to sanity? Is it good for children to have adult
issues forced upon them? Before they can read or write,
should they be required to worry over global warming, overpopulation,
or their sexual identity?

The problem with sex-ed debates is that respective parties
use the same words to speak about different things . On the
one hand, we have parents understanding sex education as a
straight-forward branch of health education . After the respiratory,
digestive, and nervous systems, comes the reproductive
system . Few object to the study of reproductive anatomy
and physiology by age-appropriate children .

Then there is SEX EDUCATION. This is the agenda of sexual and homosexual
promotion and indoctrination, pervasive in the media and public
schools, which masquerades as its innocent cousin .
SEX EDUCATION, like most of the public school curriculum,
has a political function . I learned this from a college
course I took many years ago on Plato's Republic. Plato,
according to my professor, recognized that the totalitarian
nature of his State would conflict with the instincts of its
citizens for freedom . Borrowing from history, he recommended
various methods to control the populace, including
the promotion of sexual and homosexual behavior.

Sexual preoccupation among the citizenry serves the State
in a couple of ways . Political frustrations may be expressed
in the sexual arena, minimizing the threat of revolution or
civic disruption . Additionally, family loyalties, those traditional
barriers to State domination, are weakened . Although
Greek civilization and Plato himself turned to ashes rather
rapidly after he wrote The Republic, it is a testimony to his
influence that some of his directives survive today as SEX
EDUCATION in our own public schools.

I reviewed Francis Cornford's translation of The Republic
(it was Jenny's copy from college, lying around the house)
to see if my memory was accurate, or if I was making things
up again. I was not prepared for the astonishing passages in
the book which explain, like nothing else I have read, the totality
of today's public education curriculum .

In his book, Plato speaks to Rulers of future Republics
through the device of a resurrected Socrates, who describes
the proposed organization of the State for the several classes
of citizens. Rulers are advised to manipulate, through carefully
crafted deceptions, the Guardians (controllers and
protectors of the state and its subjects) in order to effect a
number of measures for the perpetuation of the commonwealth.
These include indoctrination, the forcing of men and
women to play identical roles in society, abolition of the family
and private property, economic socialism, free love,
homosexuality, abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia .

Incidentally,while Plato endorses homosexuality in The Republic,
his attitudes on the subject are more explicit in his Symposium
on Love, where sex between men and boys is promoted
as moral and exalted .

Selected quotes from The Republic are listed below. See
if you agree that Plato appears to be running our own country,
and most of the civilized world, from his grave .

Our Rulers... will have to give their subjects a
considerable dose of imposition and deception for
their good.... And again, no one but the Rulers must
know how all this is being effected; otherwise our
herd of Guardians may become rebellious....

We undertook to put these men (Guardians) in the
position of watch-dogs guarding a flock... should the
females guard the flock and hunt with the males and
take a share in all they do, or should they be kept
within doors as fit for no more than bearing and
feeding their puppies, while all the hard work of
looking after the flock is left to the males? ...
Then, if we are to set women to the same tasks men, we must teach them the same things . They must
have the for mind and body and also
be taught the art of war, and they must receive the
same treatment....
No one man and no one woman are to set up house
together privately: wives are to be held in common by
all; so too are the children, and no parent is to know
his own child, nor any child his parent ...
As soon as children are born, they will be taken in
charge by officers appointed for the purpose, ... to be
reared in the care of nurses living apart in a different
quarter of the city...taking precautions that no mother
shall know (recognize) her own child....

...They were not to have houses or lands or any
property of their own . ..only so will they keep to their
true character.... They will not rend the community
asunder by each applying that word 'mine' to different
things and dragging off whatever he can get for
himself into a private home, where he will have his
separate family, forming a centre of exclusive joys
and sorrows. Rather they will all, so far as may be,
feel together and aim at the same ends, because they
are convinced that all their interests are identical....
Here, then, are some more evils which must not
elude the vigilance of our Guardians and find their
way into the commonwealth: riches and poverty....
As soon, however, as the men and the women have
passed the age prescribed for producing children, we
shall leave them free to form a connexion with whom
they will...; and all this only after we have exhorted
them to see that no child, if any be conceived, shall
be brought to light, or if they cannot prevent its birth,
to dispose of it on the understanding that no such
child can be reared....
Then you will establish in your state physicians
and judges such as we have described . They will look
after those citizens whose bodies and souls are
constitutionally sound. The physically unsound they
will leave to die; and they will actually put to death
those who are incurably corrupt....