The Tailor Who Sewed the Obama Empty Suit Has Sewn Others

The most glaring fact about our president is that he is an empty suit. The people around him are also empty suits. They believe in nothing, really, but unearned luxury, unmerited adulation, and unaccountable power. Those whom we have come to call "leftists" are in fact nothing but nihilists, and we flatter them when we presume that they value anything beyond their vanities, their avarice, and their selfishness.

When tragedy strikes, like in the Boston bombing, these empty suits can look and act appropriately somber and serious, but it is all for show, and the intended audience are Americans who have been carefully cultivated into creatures who emote in response to momentary appearances but who cannot think clearly or remember the past.

The left began to drift towards this profound silliness decades ago. >>>

What is memorable about FDR is his rhetoric and not his substance, and that rhetoric has been made memorable because of the fawning attention of biased historians. Ask someone who lived through the Depression about FDR, and he will likely recall his "fireside chats," in which FDR said nothing, really -- but he sounded good doing it.

The same was true of other leftist icons. >>>

Clinton, another leftist "success story," was just as much a failure. His lying was so ubiquitous that leftists actually began to opine about the virtue in society of lying. >>>

Now we have in the White House the logical successor to FDR, JFK, and Slick Willie Clinton. >>>

The real Obama is profoundly unserious. His wife appears in gossip magazines or gives advice, as she did in February, about how to diet, while Obama opines about serious issues, like when he projected last month who would be the NCAA Four Final basketball teams. Obama seems almost obsessed with the vacuous, the vapid, and the venal. He is the Dilbert president: the meaningless meanderer in national life, the automaton who cannot function without a teleprompter.

Barack Hussein Obama is an empty suit, but he grew up idolizing the other empty suits which the left has placed in the White House. In fairness, the RINO presidents from Nixon and Ford to Bush and Bush have been little better than empty suits.

Why, in 2004, after he had been out of office for 15 years and out of public sight almost as long, did millions of Americans wait long hours for a last chance to pass by the body of Ronald Reagan for a few brief moments? Because these Americans knew what the media flacks who fawn over Obama today do not know: empty suits cannot lead.


This is no mystery. Whatever Obama is passionate about, it doesnt involve the security or prosperity of Americans. Neither adult citizens nor kids getting killed bother him unless he can politicize it. He doesnt care about jobs, debt or deficit unless it advances his marxist agenda.