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I agree with you on the first part.

The second largely depends on the role this 19-year-old had. Remember the sniper case, back in 2002. The older man was running the show and the kid (a nephew I believe) was under his influence and control. We may have something similar going on here.
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All we are saying is give rope a chance.
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Remember the sniper case, though. The older sniper was definitely telling the younger guy what to do. Also, from what I've been hearing in this case, the younger Chechen brother spent a lot of his time wasted. Stoner.

Well, we'll see.
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The sniper case was different. The older man had been a stepfather to the younger one, and had been influencing him/brainwashing him for years. He had cut him off from people who may have intervened and controlled his access to books, music, newspapers/media, and kept him away from school. He created a kind of Manchurian candidate in the kid, and manipulated him into killing people.

This is not the same. The 19 year old appeared to have adjusted well to living
here-made friends, was liked, etc. His brother never really did, other than that he got married at some point. Even if the older brother did manipulate the younger one into the plot, the younger brother was older than the DC sniper kid when his brother started trying to radicalize him. This young man bears a lot more responsibility for his actions than the kid in the DC sniper case-and I use the terms "man" and "kid" on purpose, because the DC sniper was 17 when he was apprehended, and this guy is 19.

I want to make it clear, though, that I am not overly sympathetic to the DC sniper case, it's just that there is a difference from a psychological or social history kind of standpoint that is probably why that kid got a life sentence and not a death sentence.
The only major difference between the two cases is that Malvo was a minor when the attacks occurred, although he was old enough to have been tried as an adult and was. He avoided the death penalty because of his age, but he is serving consecutive life sentences. BTW, Malvo was an illegal alien (or Undocumented Democrat, as AP now calls them), something that ought to be discussed when they look at the proposed combined Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Democratic Party Registration Drive Act.