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Of course. I was just addressing the part that seems to be more controversial to the masses. Stomp on it or don't. But to fail someone would be insane.
There are a number of controversies that you aren't seeing. The stomping itself, if only done by the teacher, is protected speech (although probably not the smartest thing to do in a publicly funded forum), but his forcing students to stomp is an attack on the religious convictions of those students, and it is being committed by a representative of a state-owned university, who has the power to fail them in this class. This is a violation of the First Amendment guarantees against infringement upon the free exercise of religion. The suspension of the student is a reprisal against a person who would not act in violation of his religious convictions, which is also a violation of his First Amendment rights. In that regard, this is no different than when the Nazis ordered Jews to desecrate the Torah, or Muslims forced former Hindus to eat beef as proof of their conversion to Islam. It's religious persecution, and it's un-American.