The nicest cars on the world’s market have always held a great fascination for automobile enthusiasts throughout the decades. We spend so much time looking at and drooling over these cars for a number of reasons.

Sure, we’d love to see the looks on our neighbor’s face as we pull into the driveway in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, but it’s even more amazing to see where technology has brought us.

Some of the most expensive cars on the market may not make very handy weekday cars, but they are absolute marvels of modern engineering.

Just to see what kinds of things can be done on the factory floors is a gift to the auto fan.

For most of us, actually driving these cars—let alone owning them—is nothing more than a beautiful daydream. But that doesn’t mean we can’t spend time looking closely at some of the best and most expensive vehicles in the world and how they’re changing the face of the automobile industry.
Most Expensive Cars: What Your Money is Buying

So what is the big difference between a 1.7 million dollar car and a 30,000 dollar one? Sure, the more expensive ones look like space ships and are made by high end European companies, but what else do they have?

Think of it this way: if you had the money to spend, what would your 1.7 million dollars be buying you?


This is the biggest factor among the best cars in the world. The Bugatti Veyron—at $1.7 million, the most expensive car in the world—can drive at speeds in excess of 250 miles per hour. Now, there wouldn’t be much opportunity to enjoy speeds like that unless you’re driving on a test track, but the ability alone makes this model one of the nicest cars in the world.
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