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    If you think that's the final bill that would become law after Senate debate, an HR with committee work and debate, and a conference committe, you really don't know Jack about how Congress works.

    On this one, you're either reading-challenged or never ordered anything on-line from a company with a physical store in your own state, or a store based in your own state that was actually compliant with State tax law:

    Any site that is doing that right now is acting illegally. Current federal law specifically forbids the practice you describe for any sales that have any part of the transaction outside of the state's borders. Since it's virtually impossible to have an internet transaction actually stay in the same country, much less the same state, this effectively never happens legally. L. L. Bean got their butts sued off over doing just this about twenty years ago.
    Hey, and if it's such a great idea, let's make the military PX and Commissary sales to military and dependents subject to sales tax too! Whoopee, gotta squelch all that 'Legalized tax evasion!'

    I guess there are Conservatives who love more taxes after all. You clearly love the idea, I think it stinks, and I don't think either one of us is going to change the other's mind.
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