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That Clinton's hate Obama. So the feeling is mutual between them. I still say the Clinton's didn't vote for Obama in 2008, or in 2012. They wrote in Hilary.

More than likely Obama will not hold any end of a bargain, no matter what it is. He is only in things for himself. Screw anyone else. Plus the Clinton's are still mad at Obama for calling them racists in 2008.

I don't see how Obama can back her in 2016 because if it is her and Joe, she will have to black ball Obama and his job as President. There is no ifs and or buts about that.
I would probable say Bill is still mad about the racist remarks. Hillary I'm not sure.

Lets do the basic run down in the race for the DNC ticket.

Joe Biden has all but filed the paper work. He will run.

Hillary is very likely to run.

John Kerry has expressed interest.

Micheal Obama has hinted.

Along with about 20 odd-ball others.

Lurch will draw a few good states but will drop after about the 4th when he realizes he's no longer interesting.

Micheal will drop before Iowa. Her bitterness and hate will emerge and get the better of her. She is not as good at hiding it as Obama. And the media wont be able to hide it as well. She'll leave blaming racism and a conspiracy from the right to paint her in a bad light.

Biden will hang around for 5-6 good states. Not doing great but picking up some. His foot in mouth aside he is good at running for office. But his foot in mouth will be his undoing. But Biden won't go easy. He will see Hillary as the threat and attack.

Hillary will have learned from '08 and wont make those same mistakes. She'll be more spread out and better running. But she is going to have issues. Libya, her age/heath, plus several others.

Hillary will expect Obama to hold to his deal. But Micheal wont be happy and Obama will do one or two fund-raisers and maybe one showing but that will be it. In fact he will likely be seen more with Biden and that will anger the Clintons. Especially when Biden starts attacking blaming all the failings during her tenure in the State Department on her, and Obama wont stand up against it.

Bill will be Bill and say some thing stupid on Obama's record. Then all bets are off. Obama will attack and it will be '08 all over again where the Clinton supports ~vs~ Obama Supporters. (Watch for DU and Kos Banns for one side of supporters) Re-hatching all the fighting we saw back then all over again. Obama supporters will be claims that the Clintons are racist. Clinton supporters will be raising the chided comments they were raising back in '08 with the way they were treated and this time its payback as their candidate will be the choice on the boards when the banns start coming down.

It will really only come to an end when it comes time for the dnc convention time roles around and suddenly every one realizes that its Hillary or who ever the GOP guy is and suddenly every one is pretending to be pales and saying it was all caused by the right-wingers.

But by then it will be too late. Black votes will sit at home refusing to vote. The racism comments will have cost them.

Then the party will be too split. Obama supporters will be pissed and will refuse to vote for Hillary. Especially since many got banned for backing Obama on their chat boards. And far as the rest, most will ether be half hearted or feel why bother this time after the fighting.