And the cluelessness and ignorance of the left is front and center.
They seem to think they "understand" and "know" what conservatives think and believe. LOL
aaaaaa5a (3,677 posts)

Could Boehner's speakership be history? His daughter is set to marry a black man.

John Boehner's 35 year old daughter Lindsey, (far right in family picture) is engaged to a Jamaican man who has been busted several times for marijuana. House speaker John Boehner opposes marijuana legalization.

The right wing of his party is not going to like this.


Lindsay Boehner, the anti-pot House Speaker’s eldest daughter, is getting ready to marry Jamaica-born construction worker Dominic Lakhan, according the Boca Raton-based National Enquirer.

And the 38-year-old groom was once arrested by sheriff’s deputies for possession of marijuana.

Records show, the Enquirer reports, that Lakhan was pulled over for a traffic violation in Pembroke Pines back in 2006.

And not only was Lakhan driving with an opened can of Natural Lite beer, the report reads, there was an “odor of burnt cannabis emitting from the interior of the vehicle.”

“A search of the vehicle revealed two bags containing approximately 2 grams cannabis . . . inside the center of the ashtray. Suspect admitted to the possession of the cannabis, stating that it was for personal use.”

Lakhan was arrested and charged with misdemeanor pot possession.

Lindsay Boehner and Lakhan, by the way, are already living together in a rented house on east side of Delray. Both are described by neighbors as “really cool.”

Meanwhile, the perpetually-tanned John Boehner, a GOP congressman from Ohio, is adamantly against the use of pot, even for medicinal purposes.

Full Story:

To be honest I don't know how newsworthy it is to some people here. But in an era where so much of the GOP movement is based on demographic animosity, I think its thread worthy. And yes, I think the groom's ethnic background more than trumps his drug past when it comes to politics.
Star Member ecstatic (18,569 posts)
3. They make exceptions for Allen West, Clarence Thomas

types. I think it depends on if he thinks/talks like a teabagger. On the other hand, I don't hear much about politicians' kids so it may not matter.
Star Member LittleBlue (2,630 posts)
4. She's not bad looking
Bizarre pairing. She looks like your typical high-class politician's daughter, he looks like a Rastafarian or something.

Boehner must have shit himself.

Good luck to them.
Leslie Valley (292 posts)
13. The only place I've seen this made an issue is here.

3 or 4 times today already.

Star Member malaise (105,263 posts)
36. Are you freaking serious?

He is not Afro-Jamaican. His father is 100% Indian from Trinidad. His mother is Jamaican. Muslim? As you can see those are locks. I'm literally rolling on the floor laughing.
Star Member aaaaaa5a (3,677 posts)
16. Um... no its an issue in a lot of places. Check the right wing hate site blogs. nt
Really. Of course they give no proof of this.
Star Member shanti (16,634 posts)
21. i love it!

way to stick it to pops, lindsay!
reformist2 (3,820 posts)
40. They'll do what good Republicans do with embarrassing relatives... they'll pretend he doesn't exist.