You can't make this shit up:

Indictment: Prison gang leader fathered 5 children with 4 guards

A Baltimore prisoner is said to have fathered five children with four different corrections officers while incarcerated, according to a recently unsealed federal racketeering indictment.

Tavon White, allegedly of the Black Guerrilla Family gang, reportedly bragged about his position of power within the jail. In an intercepted phone call detailed in the indictment, White is alleged to have said, "I hold the highest seat you can get. So regardless of what anybody say, whatever I say is law. Like I am the law... My word is law..., so if I told any mother-******* body they had to do this, hit a police, do this, kill a mother-******, do anything, it got to get done. Period."

The indictment is as disturbing as it is astounding. In it, prosecutors detail the various sexual relationships White had with different prison guards. Two of the women had the name "Tavon" tattooed on their bodies (one woman got the tattoo on her neck, the other on her wrist). These sexual relations "cemented the business ties and the association of the corrections officers with the enterprise," prosecutors wrote in the indictment. <snipped>
Full story here but do you really need to read anymore than what I've posted above. LMAO and WTF.

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