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    I'm looking at short term rentals in California and they all seem to have little toilets. One of the things I love about my house is that it has a full size oval toilet. I like it so much that it's my favorite place to do business, albeit that Walmart has that handy rail in the single user bathroom and I think it should be the model for all bathrooms.

    Actually, the bathroom at the Bayfront Medical Center physical therapy center is perfection. Handicap rails everywhere, and you can roll a wheelchair into the shower, there is no curb to jump. You can put a chair in there.

    I see some spiffy houses for rent and some of them have pretty bathrooms, but none of them have FUNCTIONAL and COMFORTABLE bathrooms.

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    You are renting a crapper?
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    For peace of mind, I kind of like the casino toilets-they are not just automatic flush models, they also automatically change the plastic seat covers after each flush!

    I've only been to the casinos a few times with my dad (I don't have enough money to gamble with it, he does), but I wish the mall would install the same kind of toilets.

    When I was a kid, there was a restaurant in Grand Rapids called Fingers. They were known for their fancy bathrooms. In the Ladies, there was a fountain. In the men's there was also a fountain, but the water only ran through it after flushing. My brother loved it when he was ages 7-10.
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    This is my toilet:

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