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Are you suggesting that only the poor buy junk food? lol.

I work for a company that pays pretty decent and offers benefits. They have made it clear that they don't go for unions, and I'm okay with that. Maybe unions aren't as necessary as they used to be. In the end, they sort of seem like another company. They serve their customers, no matter how irrational what they want might be.

I do think unions are necessary in some settings, but not all. What it comes down to is whether we trust our employers. Some employers are not worthy of trust. Some are.
All of the good things that unions stood for and did has been co-opted by the federal govt.

Used to be that you didn't have a safe workplace without a union, but now you have OSHA.

Used to be that your employer could abuse your hours and wages without a union, but now you have FLSA.

What the unions used to do for the workers, the fed does in their place, and the unions are left only with the corruption, graft, and obstructionism that benefits only the union, not the workers.