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This is all the same stuff that was said about the Presidential race last year. I still think the Repubs are going to have their asses handed to them in the 2014 mid-terms. Repubs will lose the house, and Pelosi will be speaker again. God help us all.

We won't lose the House. We could lose some seats yes, but over all will still hold the house.

Senate is leaning GOP. This is how.

Montana Senator Max Baucus is retiring. Montana leans very strongly conservative. Supported Romney by almost 10% in '12. Big gun rights state.

Iowa Tom Harkin is retiring. Iowa is down the middle, but we have a GOP Gov. and congress.

South Dakota Tim Johnson is retiring. Another super strong GOP state. Went for Romney by almost 20%.

West Virginia Jay Rockefeller is retiring. Went for Romney by almost 30%.

That is all the Dems retiring. Ours is Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga. 8% for Romney) and Mike Johanns (R-Neb. 20% Romney). Both likely safe seats.

Then look at who's at risk. There are;

Alaska Mark Begich a freshman Senator who squeaked in; he wonít survive a rigorous challenge.

Louisiana Mary Landrieu supported Obamacare, Gun Control, Immigration reform. All unpopular in her state. Got the medicare deal her state was furious about.

Minnesota Al Franken, who doesn't believe he's gone? He won as a protest vote against Bush, and only barely. 255 vote difference total.

North Carolina Kay Hagan. Very very red state. Freshman Senator elected in the wave of protest votes that put others in office like Franken. Supports gay marriage, Gun Control, supporter of Obama.

All very red states, all high risk to lose.

Currently the GOP has NO Senate seat that is considered High Risk.

21 Democrats and 14 Republicans. That is whats up this cycle. We only need 6 to take it.

Don't forget, no sitting presidentís party has gained Senate seats in the midterm of a second term. Ever!