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Polygamy is the traditional form of marriage in the Abrahamic religions. Single spouse marriage is Roman/European and predates the Christian era. One man- one woman is a pagan artifact.
You're half-right. Polygamy is the traditional form of marriage in tribal cultures. As societies evolved from tribal/clan ties to nation-states, tribal norms gave way to institutional laws. Vendettas were replaced by due process, tribal leadership by consensual government and pagan worship of local, tribal deities was supplanted by institutional religions, initially pagan (which co-opted local gods in favor of Roman and Greek gods) but eventually Christian. Regardless, polygamy's past does not make it suitable for American society, which values women as individual, rather than chattel. Now, if you want to subvert the culture of America, which entails the breaking of tribal allegiances and ties in favor of individuality and equality before objective law, that's your business, but I'd oppose it.

One of the goals of the Balkanizing left is to create divisions in America, along ethnic lines, but also religious, social and political. The Marxist divides us by class, the ethnic grievance monger by race, the urban elitist by more subtle cues, such as neighborhood, fashion or education, but ultimately, the goal is to put individuals into collectives that then scream for benefits which can only be disbursed by a centralized state. This is the new tribalism that threatens us, and polygamy, which presumes that some people can collect spouses, because their inherent worth is less, is part of that tribal mindset. It's un-American.

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I don't know, and you don't appear to know either.
I've already explained why I believe that it happened. I think that the chain of command decided to go PC, or that sympathizers overlooked the obvious flaws and failed to take prudent action. However, that's only one question, the other is still out there. What action would you have taken when you found out that you had a gay, mentally unstable, depressed, cross-dressing adolescent with a TS/SCI clearance handling critically sensitive information under your command?

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The right to free exercise of religion is indeed protected. I am not aware of a Constitutional provision for paying a chaplain to evangelize the nonreligious (especially of inferior rank) or to denigrate soldiers along religious lines.
But chaplains do not proselytize or evangelize. In all of my time in the Army, I have as yet to have a chaplain attempt to convert me, and I've had some fascinating conversations on the subject with Priests, Ministers, Rabbis (but no imams) of every denomination. This is simply Weinstein's bigoted fantasies.

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I dislike illegal aliens.

I dislike illegal immigrants.

I dislike immigrants who come to America to hate it, like the Boston Bombers and Arlington Imam.

I dislike immigrants and first and second generation Americans this country gave refuge to who then promote anti-Americanism .... including but not limited to Howard Zinn, Amy Goodman, Ezra Klein, Naomi Klein, Ari Lewis, Noel Ignatiev, etc...
And, you dislike immigrants or children of immigrants who consider themselves the equal of old-money families such as yours. Let's not forget them. You've made that clear a few times, remember?