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sunwyn (429 posts)
Just when I thought things might get better....
Venting to follow.....

It's been a hard 2 weeks for me. After 4+ years of unemployment, I thought I had found a job but I found out seven days ago the credit check killed me. I went on about my not quite merry way. I have had plenty of rejections over the past 4 and half years. This was just another. After losing my food stamps and often missing out at the food bank as they would run out food before they got to me, I have taken to foraging the rural area where I live. I have been managing. Managing to take care of my elderly mother, cleaning and cooking for her, while trying to hide the fact that I was really hungry while servng her food. And then today I found out the electric coop we have here will not wait two lousy days to get their payment. They have scheduled shut off for Wed. even though the money will be available to pay the bill Friday. Without power we have no well pump which means we have no power. I have exhausted the government agencys and church network trying to get help with no luck. I have sold everything I had of worth years ago. I am at my wit's end . What happened to the country that I thought would allow me to at least make a living that might feed and house me. I have never been extravegent. My computer is old, used, and on it's last legs. I borrow internet from my neighbor's wifi. I walk 4 miles to use a phone on most occassions. I have no problem doing the hard work. And what really sucks is how often I have given my last dime or the last bit of strength to help another without ever thinking of reward. And now this...who would have thought loosing my electric would so throw me over the edge....but I am there. I think the system has finally broken me. For now...I am off to try figure out cold storage for the small bit of food my mom has and start filling jugs of water. Maybe I will have a good cry while I am at it though it's not my normal approach....Thanks for letting me unload again. At least here my mom won't see me break.
Can't believe they were suckered into this and have actually sent money.

I guess there is one born every minute.