Chris Christie A Guest Of Huffington Post At Correspondants Dinner

"Talk about an odd couple.

Liberal media mogul Arianna Huffington is bringing GOP star Gov. Chris Christie to the White House Correspondents' dinner later this month.

The governor will feel at home with the Huffington Post founder's other guests: New Jersey natives Jon Bon Jovi of Sayreville and Shaquille O'Neal of Newark, according to Women's Wear Daily, which first reported the invites. Shaq recently visited Christie at the Statehouse in Trenton.

Christie was one half of an unusual pairing last year, too, when he made headlines for sitting next to bombshell "Modern Family" actress Sofia Vegara. ABC brought the governor last year and he was a guest of NBC in 2011."

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He's a RINO just like the rest of them. He'll do anything to stay in power which includes shmoozing with leftists.