Agent Mike strikes again!!!

Tue Apr 30, 2013, 03:29 PM

DU is being Filtered By My ISP

Other sites, like NYT, Fox news and Daily Mail all load up as usual.

But click on DU and simple pages never finish loading.

Folks, this is the beginning of the end for the free internet. My ISP denies they are blocking some internet traffic but I have proof they are placing filters on the web. They even have an option on their account pages where a customer can filter the web by their customer's choice.

Of course, if you are an establishment supporter and never rock the boat, you are no target. They just looooove sheeple. Only the hell raisers and hard questioners of the PTB get attention.

Each time this has happened to me (3 times now) it has only been after some serious anti-establishment questions have been posted.

For all you who want to keep posting the drivel that amounts to nothing more than chit-chat, you are safe.

Looking over DU these last few days shows that, and that many hard nosed questioners are almost extinct. Please, alert on this and send it to admins, they need to know that DU is being buried by the PTB.

And for those of you who are considering to make a reply about how it isn't effecting you, just f'n put me on ignore and be done with yourselves.

I've been on the web for 14 years now and it has never been this bad. They are sticking it to us. The only sites that load are the Big sites and that is just how they want it to be from here on.

Too funny!!!